Machinery and Plant Engineering

Your requirements matter

Developed precisely to our customers' specifications

ACunity EHLA systems are based on a modular design concept that is tailored to the application, length and weight of the part to be processed. We develop feasible technical solutions based on your technical data. We use a 4-axis machine or a robot as a motion unit with a customized, high-quality LMD head to meet the requirements for both internal and external coating.


The entire system is designed and manufactured to industrial production standards. The central control panel allows the customer to monitor production in real-time for better control.

Contract Manufacturing

We support your entire process chain

We take over for you

ACunity GmbH has high-performance factories for contract manufacturing in Germany and China. Our experienced process engineers can offer series contract manufacturing in our company, but can also carry it out on site at the customer's premises. We provide technical support for the entire production chain, including materials, processing, performance evaluation and pre- and post-process interfaces, without our clients having to invest heavily in equipment or hire professional staff.



Take advantage of the benefits of laser processing

Making advanced technologies industrially viable

Remanufacturing - the high-quality, industrial restoration of a product that is no longer functional - is sensible, contemporary and the subject of many research projects. Ecological benefits, material and energy savings, shorter transport routes and overall cost minimization all speak for it.


We are working on industrializing advanced laser technologies and processes and are continuously researching their potential applications. This includes digital laser remanufacturing and the development of new materials and material combinations. Our aim is to offer further research and development solutions to exploit the unique advantages of laser processing.

Ourfocus is on:

Material Provision

Powder for the coatings

We take care of supplies

At ACunity GmbH, we specialize in tailoring coatings to fit a variety of needs by selecting the optimal powder type. Our expertise enables us to coat different materials including steel, cast iron, and aluminum alloys. The low heat input technique we employ allows for the coating of heat-sensitive components without compromising quality. We also offer innovative solutions like material pairings, enabling the application of titanium on steel through fusion metallurgy.

Our extensive rangeof powder materials includes: