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Systems integration

ACUNITY GmbH was established by experts from Germany and China and offers system integration and training for the international market in addition to the extensive machine program. We provide our customers with maximum support in the precise introduction of advanced manufacturing technology and the associated equipment into the existing infrastructure.

We carry out on-site training courses with individual coaching and ensure that your operating and maintenance personnel are comprehensively trained in process and system technology.

Before you run your own EHLA system, our team will help you set up the most efficient process for your production concept and determine the most effective for your component and coating requirements across a wide range of applications.

Research and development management

In close cooperation with the Fraunhofer-ILT and ACAM (Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing), we assist our customers in formulating new R&D strategies in the field of modern laser-based manufacturing. We support our customers in this:

- Coordinate R&D processes and develop strategic plans

- Optimize research resources

- Installing learning loops for continuous improvement

Application-specific advice

Establishment of the most efficient process structure

- Advice on the right applications and laser techniques

- Development process for your individual applications

- Advice on system technology suitable for laser processing

System integration services

In view of the diverse requirements of the industries, the system technology for laser deposition welding (LA) usually has to be set up customer-specifically, taking into account performance improvement and cost optimization. We work closely with the Fraunhofer-ILT and industrial partners to provide optimized system technology that simplifies your workflows and optimizes the "cost to revenue" ratio.


We regularly offer open training modules for Laser Additive Manufacturing. On-site training and individual coaching ensure comprehensive induction. Regular hospitations take place at users and companies in Germany.

- Theoretical Basics of Laser Additive Manufacturing

- Process development methodology of LA

- Structure and functioning of the LA system


Long-lasting corrosion protection of hydraulic components for mining.

parallax background


Corrosion protection of heat exchanger tubes in the chemical industry.

parallax background


Protection of hydraulic cylinders against wear and corrosion in maritime environments.

parallax background




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