and procedure

  • Extreme high-speed laser material deposition of rotationally symmetric components.

Highly stressed machine components such as rollers, hydraulic cylinders or bearings are protected from wear and corrosion by hard chrome plating, thermal spraying or laser deposition welding.

Major deficiencies, such as low layer adhesion, the use of environmentally harmful chemicals or high post-processing costs make ACUNITY-EHLA a new system for a full-featured, efficient and environmentally friendly alternative for wear and corrosion protection.

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Highly efficient
powder nozzle

High quality


powder types

Fast, precise and
very resistant.

With the machines of the ACUNITY-EHLA-class, particularly dimensionally stable layers with a thickness between 25 μm and 250 μm can be applied. And this at very high process speeds in the range of several hundred metres per minute with surface rates in the range of a few square metres per hour.

By choosing the appropriate powder type, all steel, cast and aluminum alloys can be coated. The low heat input also makes it possible to coat heat-sensitive components. Also material pairings, such as titanium on steel, can be easily realised by melting metallurgy.

The advantages in brief

  • Coating with EHLA has many advantages.
    It is particularly effective and efficient
    compared to conventional methods.

For almost all steel, cast and aluminum alloys

Applying ductile and harder layers

Highly efficient material and energy utilisation

Extremely high layer adhesion due to metallurgical bond

Extremely thin, smooth and resistant layers

Extremely high layer adhesion due to metallurgical bond

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